Jambo Minda Foundation or Yayasan Jambo Minda (YJM) is a non-profit organization with activities mainly in the fields of education, socio-economy, and technology applications. The idea establishing the foundation has been set off since October 2004 by a number of Syiah Kuala University staff, mainly graduated from universities in Japan, UK, Germany, United States, and Malaysia.

YJM is formally declared in April 2005. A strong motivation was provided among the founders to help the Acehnese people post mega-disaster earthquake and tsunami in December 2004. YJM is totally managed by the teaching staff of Syiah Kuala University, the premier university in the province of Aceh. Most of the volunteers supporting YJM activities are university students.

In the last five-year, YJM has managed three main activities, i.e. (1) Scholarship for the underprivileged or Orphan students programs (2) Research Assistant Scholarship (RAS) program, and (3) Library program (mobile library and fix library). Among the activities conducted by YJM, Scholarship programs are the main programs that have been implemented since May 2005.