The scholarship program has targeted the underprivileged or orphan students from various levels of educations.

The scholarships were awarded to the targeted students that meet eligibility or criteria for the program, based on assessment on the student needs and the agreement with the donors. In the early of the program, the target students to be awarded the scholarships were the students among the victim of the 2004 tsunami and earthquake disaster and orphans. In addition, we also found many potential students at sub-district areas terminated their educations since their parents unable to support the financial. Since 2007, YJM has also awarded the scholarship for the potential students in their academic record and from the underprivileged family.

Until March of year 2019, YJM has distributed more than 1,400 scholarships to the students. The students came from various levels of formal educations and Aceh regions, with total donation more than 2 Billion Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Among of them, IDR 105,600,000 was donated by OGFICE in fiscal year of 2018.

The scholarship was classified into 4 level of education and awarded for one year period. The amount of the scholarship for each level of education per month is described as follows:

1. Elementary school students : IDR. 100,000/month
2. Junior High school students : IDR. 130,000/month
3. Senior High School students : IDR. 150,000/month
4. University students : IDR 200,000/month

The main donors or institutions that financially support the scholarship programs up to March of 2019 are shown in Figure below: